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Achtung Baby

lol so I was looking for something on this User Info and realised I had two people who I hadn't friended back.

So, I've gotten used to telling the truth in my other journal so much that I don't want to update this one anymore. There's just nothing to update about because of the "if you can't say anything nice" rule. To be completely truthful, I don't like offending people who don't share my beliefs. In fact, I hate doing that. I don't go around blabbing about people in my other journal, but I do blab about my ideas.

So, this is just an official notice to those of you who wondered where my updating went. If you can take my ideas and not be crabby about it, then come on over to or_else.

Oh, and don't think this applies to everyone. Mostly just people who read my diary without friending me and telling me who they are, because they think they're smart and sneaky. Idiots, to be quite frank.

So, consider yourself invited, and consider yourself tested.

Jude ( not dead, very much alive without you )
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... 5-7 miles give or take two or 50 zillion.

A solid hour.

mountain biking...

I cannot feel my arse, save the incredible pain.

Total Asthma attacks: 4


Same place tomorrow @ 4 :-D lol.

Jude ( HURT, but inspired )
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... I can finally sleep now.

May John Paul II rest in infinite peace, and may the Lord bless us with an equally great Pope.

I only hope to accomplish a very small fraction of what John Paul II did for the world. Even if you don't see him as a religious leader, you cannot deny his incredible works to make the world a better place.

Everything you ever wanted to know; including speeches, works, and biographies.

Jude ( In Memory )
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holy shitmonkeys Wheaton

CSI was awesome... and Wil did THE best job. You know how everyone always says like 110% and all that crap!?

Well normally it's just bullshit, but Wheaton was Walter 110%.

Jude ( feck yeah! )

PS: Wil Wheaton Pimpage. And on a completely different note this: Collapse )
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Since the Oscars jipped the ONE Campaign:

En Español:

PLEASE visit. It's amazing that the Oscars could cut something so important out of their 3 hour broadcast.

Jude ( )

If you're in the UK:








Is your country not listed?
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friends only journal

yep, new journal.

two rules: no family, and 15+ age limit, sorry.

Jude ( get me outta here! )

PS: I can't even believe I need to explain these rules:

No Family: I'm not going to rant about family in the journal... that's not the purpose. I would love it if my family could view the journal, but unfortunately LOL my family is like every other family and they gab.

Age Limit: I'm not corrupting anyone. End of story.
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